Manufacturing and installation

As a manufacturer and supplier of power solutions E. VAN WINGEN NV has the necessary facilities and workforce to deliver a product which meets the customer’s expectations.

With engine manufacturer Perkins EVW has entered into an OEM Partnership. The long standing relationship between both partners has led to unrivalled product know how and is now the cornerstone of impeccable customer support and impressive service and maintenance opportunities, which means added value for the customer.

EVW’s 5000 m² premises in an industrial estate near Ghent house separate departments for storage, manufacturing and assembly, panel construction, repairs and overhauls. Not one gen-set will leave our premises without a stop at the best bench.

The main manufacturing hall is divided into 5 sections :

Mechanical tools and equipment, 20 T travelling crane. Organized and arranged in compliance with rules and standards on health & safety and environment and designed for an efficient production and product flow. Constant maintenance and upgrades of facilities.

Soundproofed test compartments equipped with digital test data processing and display.

Storage of large components
Engines and large components in stock for quick and efficient response.

Engine repair and overhaul shop
Equipped for diagnostics and repairs as well as complete engine overhauls.

Electrical workshop

Control panels, power panels, energy control systems.