In need of reliable and sustainable power back-up?

When continuity and reliability matter, EVW is your partner, from design to implementation

Developments never came more quickly. The paperless office, intelligent communication, web applications, mobile platforms, digital switches. Medical care has become micro technology, mass production is in the hands of robots. Yet, they all have one thing in common: electric power. Where the normal power supply is failing, EVW provides reliable back-up.

Our emergency power gen-sets are the result of a dedicated, professional approach and field experience. From small to big they demonstrate top quality based on state-of-the-art technology and knowhow of custom solutions. Your needs are our challenge.

In need of reliable, sustainable and efficient power back-up? EVW is your partner 

Our knowhow stretches beyond the gen-set. Today’s customers no longer shop for a machine, they expect a total package solution. The modular design of EVW’s diesel emergency power generators allows for exactly that. Our standard range comes with numerous options so the customer can put together the product tailored to his needs, always covered by EVW’s quality label.

Our products can be found anywhere: from telecom operators, data centres, banks and insurance companies to health care centres, from large power stations to industrial facilities, in agriculture, public and private buildings, defence, rail and aviation, swimming pools, schools, water purification, inside and outside.

To complete the gen-set package EVW also offers engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of:
- Fuel supply systems: main storage tanks and daily fuel tanks conforming to strict legislation
- Noise and air control
- Complex cooling solutions
- Mains paralleling for testing or peak shaving
- Emergency power back-up scenario programming and switching to handle emergency situations
- Bus system based reporting to management software (profibus, modbus, etc.)
- Etc.. 

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