Parts and service

As your installation will require service and maintenance, EVW provides specialist support for maintenance, repairs and overhauls of your Perkins or Lister-Petter diesel and gas engines.

Our focus :
• Off the shelf availability of original parts
• In-house product development
• Specialized technical staff
• Exclusive software applications
• State-of-the-art service tools
• Service contracts, standard or all-in
• Custom maintenance agreements
• Full project partnership
• 24 hour service, 7 days a week
• Web based remote installation monitoring and management

Service team :
Our team of young, skilled mechanics is led by an experienced service supervisor, together committing their know how to keep your installation going.

EVW believes the key to perfect service is a suitable combination of knowledge and support, both mechanically and electrically.

From this perspective the service team is backed by the engineering and the electrical department. Since our electricians are involved in gen-set testing, they acquire lots of experience and knowhow to deploy in service missions. Actually, our test bench has turned out to be the ideal training platform for our service technicians.

EVW’s service model results from 50 years of experience in engine overhauls, repairs and service interventions and means added value for the customer.

ISO 9001 in our service team :

20% of EVW’s employees are masters in engineering meaning we are ready to face high level challenges. Not only in terms of our products’ lifecycle, but also in terms of project follow up.

Your dedicated project manager will continue to keep an eye on your installation, also after it has been commissioned. This type of continuity is your installation’s life insurance, carrying EVW’s quality label.

Quality management obviously covers our service activity, but more than that. It also means yearly calibration of torque wrenches, injection pressure meters, and availability of well equipped service vans, etc.

24 hour service :

Customers who wish to benefit from the option of 24 hour service can count on expert availability and follow up at all levels of responsibility of our organisation. Considering EVW is the manufacturer, the customer can count on direct response without loss of time.

Service agreements :

For your emergency generating set EVW offers standard or all-in service agreements, with or without the 24 hour option.
For your energy project EVW works with running hour based maintenance agreements. Custom contracts tailored to specific needs of the customer or the project are equally possible.

Automatic maintenance contract management :

• Maintenance interval management
• Spare part management with intelligent parts reservation
• Custom instructions per customer/project
• Direct intervention feedback and corrective proposals
• Reporting

Special service :
With a view to swift action in energy projects EVW always holds service exchange engine blocks in stock, a policy which has resulted from our endeavour to control the service operation. Overhauls are therefore no extra workload but fit into this policy, same as investing in service exchange engines and parts, all leading to the highest level of efficiency.

Service Partnership :

As a manufacturer we always seek satisfaction from our customer in the after sales service. In this we are helped by our thorough product knowhow and permanent spare part availability.

Some users may find it more practical to have one maintenance agreement with a general facility maintenance provider. For these companies EVW has special Service Partnership arrangements, including training schemes for their technicians. The user on his part has the reassurance his installation, often a critical factor in his organisation, receives the best possible support.

Service is a matter of honour for EVW. That is why we have invested so much in our service organisation and equipped it with the best possible diagnostic tools to make it a centre of excellence in knowhow and troubleshooting.


Service is never an option, but always a part of the product!