Corporate social responsibility

E. VAN WINGEN NV (EVW) is your reliable partner in the realization of modern energy projects. Our range consists of two major groups: (emergency) power solutions and energy applications, each of them with emphasis on engineered solutions. EVW stands for continuity in management and quality, and for innovation in products and implementation.

We consider the BeNeLux as our home market while the number of projects across the borders is growing. Our products are manufactured in Evergem (Belgium).

We are aware that our activities have an impact on our environment as well as on the people who live in it. We wish, by acting with respect for our environment and the people, this impact to be positive.

That is why we, as a modern company, are convinced we carry a corporate social responsibility (CSR), and that this must be an essential part of our business operations. Our CSR policy is an extension of our already existing quality management (ISO 9001) and safety (VCA**) management systems.

We aim at achieving a balance between the three dimensions linked to this, being: all people involved in our business operations or activities in general (People), the environmental impact of our actions (Planet) and the benefit for the company (Profit).

The CSR policy is reflected in 23 target areas, divided into ecological, social, communicative elements and in doing business correctly. We seek our employee’s involvement in this social responsibility project, thus creating a framework for them to link work to personal development. Various topics will be covered, such as mobility, work/life balance, personal development, etc.

This policy will be adopted and carried out in an ethical manner and in compliance with our code of conduct.

It will be addressed in an atmosphere of transparency, consultation and communication.

We want to build long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders. Therefore, our supplier selection will take into account their pursuit of the same sustainability objectives in their products and services (human rights and the environment as cornerstones of long-term relationships).

We consider our local roots to be an added value. This not only shows in the good contacts with the neighbourhood but also in our participation in local, social projects and our cooperation with the educational institutions in the framework of R&D projects, internships, etc.

In addition to the application of laws and rules, our CSR policy - and how to implement it - is subjected to the ISO 26000 standard. Therefore, the objectives have been laid out and actions have been associated with them. The necessary resources for the implementation will be available.

We commit ourselves to evaluating the results en to pursuing continuous improvement.