Quality and safety

E. VAN WINGEN NV aims at continuing a long tradition of providing quality to customers by seeking permanent improvement of its products and services.

The documented quality handbook contains the guidelines to achieve this.

Our quality policy is intended to meet and even to outstrip the customer’s expectations about his purchase or our sale.

For this reason, clear and measurable quality objectives have been set. They are the subject of regular assessment and any action necessary will be undertaken to undo non-conformity.

All necessary resources are available for our employees to meet the objectives. They are encouraged to actively participate in this growth process, which is important for our company, and to introduce improvement based on permanent consultation. Our company’s success is clearly the result of teamwork. For this reason, all our employees are aware of the quality objectives and are encouraged to bring about improvement at every level of our service.

The permanent improvement of our processes is of vital importance, which is why our entire corporate organisation is tuned to a written quality system and therefore, to our customers. Any demands, suggestions or complaints from customers or from our internal departments will be the subject of thorough analysis and thus be the basis for improvement of our service levels.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to being a transparent company which customer can check at any time in terms of quality provided.

In addition, we invite an independent body to monitor our compliance with the quality standard.

We commit ourselves to aligning our quality system with the ISO 9001/2008 quality standard and current legislation.

EVW seeks to put priority on the wellbeing of its employees, the employees of its subcontractors and its temporary workers, on the same footing as it does on the quality of its products and services.

EVW seeks to prevent any damage to human beings, materials, property used and nature.

EVW’s position about safety has been laid down in a preventive policy that the management conducts in the entire company.

In the first place, we try to comply with all European directives as well as national and regional legal obligations. In doing this, we pay attention to safety at work, healthy and pleasant working conditions, respect for the environment, as well as psychological and physical limitations.

The management translates this policy actively and dynamically into the following tangible objectives:

• Prevention of accidents, physical injury or material damage, small and large
• Promotion of health and safety at work for our emplyees and all those involved
• Prevention of disorder, lack of hygiene and other circumstances which may entail environmental damage
• Actions to prevent danger and risk in the implementation of our activities
• Planning of feasible measures to improve short and long term safety
• Suitable deployment, training and coaching of our own employees and external workers
• Creation of a pleasant working atmosphere for all
• Refusal to admit violence, bullying and harassment at the workplace and to take strong action against them

These objectives will be followed up and adjusted, where necessary, in line with experience.

Therefore, this policy declaration will be the subject of regular updates and reaffirmations with a view to achieving permanent improvement.

The text of this policy will be communicated to all our employees with a compulsory request to cooperate in its implementation. The management will seek regular and structured consultation to remain up to date about the impact and application of this policy.

The importance paid to safety, health and environment will be led by the Management but requires cooperation and commitment on the part of all at every level. Our VCA certificate is a reflection of this.