Control and power panels

Developed and built in-house by our expert team

The power and control panels which go with the EVW gen-sets (stand-by and cogeneration) are developed and built in-house. They feature such functions as start, control, security, island or parallel operation (with grid or other gen-sets).

Combining an industrial PLC with a web panel as MMI (Man Machine Interface) opens possibilities for online monitoring, trend analyses, remote control, energy control, etc.

For this purpose our panels are equipped with:
- On board Ethernet
- On board FTP server
- Event alarming/logging (gen-set start, switch position, etc.)
- Extendable with additional communication boards (Profibus DP, Modbus, etc.)
- On board web server
- Power circuit diagrams and I/O signalling
- Extra potential free contacts (for remote signalling)

Web based HMI concept for worldwide remote control

Using a web based HMI concept we managed to get rid of rigid point-to-point
communication and replaced it with a flexible client/server topology. 
Management systems stand for servers and have therefore been equipped with
a web server to store visual displays. What makes this innovative is that project data which would normally be displayed on a control panel, are now stored in a PLC.

The installation can be visualised using a laptop, smartphone or tablet without any additional SCADA software.

Master control systems, total management of your power station

The concept of paralleling several gen-sets has been introduced to fully automate the energy supply in a way that is easy to handle for the operator.

Each gen-set has its own independent control panel, which incorporates a PLC to establish communication with the central control panel’s PLC (“Master unit”).

Get the most out of your system

EVW’s web based system is open for all current applications, ranging from iPhone and iPad apps to more powerful text and e-mail messaging tools to send data to preconfigured mailing lists defined in compliance with types, as well as trend monitoring and reporting in Excel compatible formats, etc.
So one day you may well receive a message from you gen-set requesting maintenance or a fill up of the fuel tank!
If you entered into a service contract with EVW the same message will arrive at our service department, allowing us to take prompt and adequate preventive action.
Our all-in service agreements on stand-by or cogeneration gen-sets will ensure that your system is regularly updated and that you benefit from the latest developments in technology and web applications.

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