Mini-CHP : affordable energy saving

What is cogeneration?

It is an easy principle. Cogeneration (CHP) is the process of simultaneous generation of heat and power. The power derives from an internal combustion engine and is used to drive an alternator which in turn generates electric current. The dissipated heat is not lost but usefully applied for hot water production.

Mini-CHP is the application of this sustainable production of energy in the output range of 9 and 12 kWe, developed by EVW for the non-domestic micro-CHP market.

Your own power station

A 9 kWe Mini-CHP will easily run 5000 hours annually at full load. This means 45000 kWh of electric power will be generated every year, for local application. There is no need for injection into the grid as a result of the Mini-CHP’s small rated output. Possibly a reverse counter can be installed.

More than 90% electrical output efficiency

Electric power is generated in a sustainable and highly efficient manner. The Mini-CHP will transform approximately one third of the fuel into useful power. Compared with a conventional power station the efficiency level will be at least 90% because the dissipated engine heat is usefully applied locally! Cogeneration is therefore recognized to be the most efficient energy transformer.

To go for Mini-CHP is to sign your declaration of independence and to save lots of energy!

Every SME its own Mini-CHP !

The concept underlying the Mini-CHP dates back to 1992 when we took our first steps as a manufacturer of large cogeneration systems. The idea had been fostering for some time. So far we had been installing some 70 MW of cogeneration capacity in units of slightly more than 800 kW on average. With the Mini-CHP EVW has entered a different and highly relevant market in which every SME, public swimming pool, nursing home, school, wellness centre, and hotel could become self-sufficient in energy thanks to its own cogeneration system.

Small size, big performance

This type of decentralized power production will save you an average of 20% of energy or 12 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 135 m² of solar panels or the photosynthesis of a wood of almost 10000 m². If a renewable fuel like rapeseed oil is used, the economy may even be 5 times higher. Mini-CHP is not only energy efficient, it is also cost and space saving.

Modest output, superior possibilities

Since volume manufacturing is fundamental for the feasibility of small cogeneration projects, in terms of both production cost and maintenance cost, the Mini-CHP range is limited with 9 and 12 kWe models only, both on natural gas and on pure plant oil.

Top of the bill!

With its A++ ranking in the energy efficiency classification as defined in the 20/30/EU European Directive on eco-design and energy labelling, the Mini-Cogen is decidedly top of the bill. It is also leading the category of space and combined heating equipment. Even more, it proves to be more efficient than the new generation condensation heaters!

Government incentives?

Indeed, there are cogeneration credits and tax incentives, leading to a nice bonus every year. However, investment in micro cogeneration is already justified as a result of its cost efficiency, even without public incentives, making it a very reliable investment.

Briefly: sustainable and affordable

Mini-CHP represents a high level of energy autonomy because electric power and heat are used locally. Users can plan ahead of rising energy prices and increasing costs of distribution, transportation and infrastructure. Facing uncertainty in the energy markets, cogeneration is able to reassure its users. This certainty of return on investment in Mini-CHP as a result of cost efficiency will make a project less vulnerable to government decisions to cancel or reduce grants.

But first and foremost the Mini-CHP delivers in terms of cost and energy savings. The investment is not too expensive and results in considerable savings and an attractive ROI. An insurance contract that pays off!
For every kg of CO2 saved the Mini-CHP is the champion of economy. At a limited investment cost the user of the locally generated heat and power can immediately claim the label of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

EVW’s Mini-CHP is manufactured in volumes, standard design and modular construction. Its versatile standard equipment and proven concept are based on our many years of experience as a manufacturer of cogeneration systems. This allows us to save time and money for planning, installation, start-up and operation of the Mini-CHP and to provide the best quality guarantee. The EVW Mini-CHP is manufactured in the EU only!
Our standard range has two models: 9 and 12 kWe, on natural gas and on rapeseed oil. Several Mini-CHP’s can be paralleled into a 50 kWe power station.

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