EVW moves the frontier for its CHP solutions

On 9th September 2013 Perkins Engines, the British manufacturer which has been supplying engines to EVW for many decades, unveiled its future gas engine strategy.

Since gas engines, more than diesel engines, are used in energy applications such as cogeneration, which necessitates a substantial engineering input and above all professional service close at hand, Perkins will be using its worldwide service network for the development of its gas business. Like no other gas engine manufacturer Perkins will thus be able to strengthen its market potential considerably.

In line with this strategy a platform of Gas Centres of Excellence (CoE), about five companies worldwide, will be providing service support to local distributors which will be called on to service and, if necessary, repair products supplied and installed in their region by Perkins’ Gas Partners. The Gas Partners will be buying their 4000 Series gas engines directly from Perkins and integrate them in their energy solutions custom built to user specifications.

With its large field experience and proven quality in the field of energy Solutions, EVW has been selected as one of the Gas Partners.

That the strategy actually acknowledges in the field developments of recent years could be witnessed by the international press representatives who were taken on tour to several installation sites. EVW has been very pleased to meet customers outside Belgium who seemed as happy with their EVW built CHP-installations as the large customer base at home. After a stopover at tomato grower Gery Persoon’s brandnew cogeneration unit just outside Ghent, the journalists moved on to Germany to take a look at two projects which EVW has accomplished there. At Euro Pool Systems in Bornheim (near Bonn) and Biogas Oberhessen in Wölfersheim (near Frankfurt) EVW has installed in-house engineered and built combined heat and power units, on natural gas and biogas respectively, which are being serviced by the German CoE/Distributor, BU Power Systems. The novel approach allows EVW to answer the need of its customers for immediate service across the border as well. With the Biogas Oberhessen plant having supplied 8000 hours of heat and power smoothly, journalists were able to see the cooperation between Gas Partner and CoE is a perfect match.

With the link between manufacturer, Gas Partner and Gas Centre of Excellence has identified an interesting opportunity to strengthen its loos gas engine Sales. The end user located outside EVW’s immediate service perimeter will, as a result of combining the Gas CoE’s input and the Gas Partner’s expertise, be benefitting from a long term quality solution for his energy project.